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Busy days, cba typing up everything that happens.

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Much simpler &+ you get more from me out of it. i just learnt this April we’re having 3 weeks off !!! OMG 3 whole weeks of freedom, i seriously can’t wait thank you prince Williams for getting married haha well not yet but, April i have over 40 birthdays {including my own} then loads of weddings it’s such a busy month for me, you wouldn’t believe how busy. Yes i know today is first of March or known as to millions of teen girls out there, excluding myself as Justin Bieber’s birthday woop woop, hurray haaraah etc etc. Personally don’t get what’s so exciting about it, not like you’re going to be at his party or anything, but then again i’m not like most teenage girls.

Yes his music is catchy and sometimes great, yes he is kind of cute, yes he has cool hair. That is all. I wouldn’t take a bullet for him least of all hug him so i don’t know. Anyways that’s something i’ve never understood i tried in my maths exam today figuring out why people are so obsessed with him. Walked in to the school gates this morning about 30 year 7s were in hysteria ‘OMG guess what? what? tell me man tell me? omg i can’t hold it in any long, it’s JUSTIN BIEBERS birthday like OMG its his birthday eeeeek yaaaaaaaay…’ blaa blaa blaa then on my way to form, trust me my form in a long way from the gates a billion people brought it up. That was just the morning my contacts almost fell out today aha so close, then when one of the ugly girls who think they’re well fit went sir it’s justin biebers birthday’ sir went whoose this Beever kidd? haha made me laugh. No i don’t have nothing against him, don’t need to be attacked thank you very much. I just heard something funny, and i laughed. Just got in &+ it’s nearly 6 o clock arggg. I am cold this post isn’t done proper, all well.


The infamous baby video.

If like me, you’re hooked on watching model shoes e.g America’s Next Top Model or Britain’s or The model agency then you’ll know how fascinating that industry actually is. It’s just something I’ve always been interested and fascinated by. Everything is judged by looks and appearances and height, which from the first day we could talk we’re told not to judge people by their appearance, features, height it could cause offense, yet here’s there are shows not promoting exactly that but kind of putting that across. However i like how ANTM isn’t discriminating it’s got models under 5 ft 7 well it’s last cycle was (season 13). That was my favourite one. I love how beautiful all the girls pictures came out and just how creative they were.  Here are some pictures that inspire me, look at how much detail must have gone in to them to make them how they are.

Pictures to my are just like music. They make a sound that everyone interprets differently, they send out messages and all is unique in it’s own way. Sure their are many types of them, some that scream out to you others that take a while adjusting to, but that doesn’t mean to say they’re any less beautiful. ♥


Nuff Love.
TheOriginalStaaя ♥

Flipping through the pages of the March addition of Sky magazine, i felt myself lacking in inspiration. Hoping to find something that would entertain me within the next month on tv. So far no luck.

So instead I spent 15 mins trying different ways to apply eyeshadow, then I took it all off again and started again. Then i just thought to myself like it’s the last day of the holidays i’ve got school tomorrow, i’d rather go out then stay in like yesterday. So ran up my mate Humma &+ we both went out for a walk for like an hour, it started raining after a bit so we ran it home haha.

It was a lot of fun, just catching up, i got in an hour ago i’ve been getting ready to meet Paige. She’s one of my closest mates but we don’t see each other much since she lives near Bolton but she’s coming over in about 5 minutes it should be fun. Original plan was to go park and then takeaway to eat but its still raining so staying in my room, going to listen to music on full blast, talk a little, catch up oh and try on different things then our mates Rex, Sunny, Hannah and Kaitlin are going to come with Paige’s dad and we’re going to eat in this place near our house. It’s going to be well good, i can’t wait. I best be off she just text me she’s near my street. Vroom vroom.

Need some entertaining have a listen to this? Amazing song by an amazing artist.

Alexis Jordan – Good Girl

Nuff Love.
TheOriginalStaaя ♥

Less than an hour later, and i’m back. This is my first official proper blog post, woah that’s a mouthful. I was just thinking and something just clicked.  I feel like i have this connection to my thoughts back. It felt possessed and tingly.  So i ran back to my laptop and thought i’d tell you about today.

Nothings really happened today, it’s 3:11 already even though it only feels like 11am. I was meant to go to a Waterpark today with my friends but i decided against it. I decided there’d be other trips and i haven’t revised at all and my tests are in 2 days so i thought i’d spend today revising. That didn’t happen at all. I had extra school on Wednesday and Thursday, 3 major shopping sprees on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday. 4 five family gatherings and parties which took a lot of time. Also organizing everything for the parties and family gatherings, also my cousin from abroad came and being Asian and all and having 2893838 billion cousins i didn’t have the time. Then there was tv and facebook and spending time with friends. I thought i’d redeem myself today but so far it’s not looking good. The day still seems young, i woke up with a good feelings this morning ’cause the sun was shining. I reflect my mood on the weather sometimes.

I’m missing my friends, they’re all out having a blast probably miles away from here, while i’m stuffed at home thinking. Today’s been a nice, chilled day so far not much has happened, far from it unlike usual. The most relatively exciting thing that has probably happened today is when me and on of my little twin brothers went out to feed the birds with a whole sack full of crumpled bread. We ran to the field in our nighties and there wasn’t a lot of people out, but there were a lot of birds. As soon as we came, my brother got the sniffles and sneezed and scared the birds out but that minute as soon as we took the bread out they literally flew in a flock in seconds. There was at least 50 of them, i wish i’d taken my camera. They looked so hungry, you could tell they were. Such a beautiful sight, me and my brother stood out in the wind for a couple of minutes then had a race home, i let him win naturally haha and then as soon as he came inside he opened a cupboard and the big nutella chocolate jar fell and smashed EVERYWHERE. It was like a ironic sight, my dad had only bought it a couple of hours ago yet the whole kitchen. Whole is exaggeration our kitchen is massive, not bigging myself up or anything but it is massive. Floor was full of chocolate and glass, i started smiling i don’t know why it just felt in the moment. He tried picking it up so i went NOOO! You’ll cut yourself so the other twin came, he wanted to come to give bread to the birds but he’d just had a bath and it was too windy. He went is it alright? in the cutest accent inside i went aww but then i was the one who had to pick it up. They both looked so scared and innocent like they’d done something wrong, it was an accident everyone understood. So yeah today’s been pretty chilled and calm which is so unusual. Yesterday we had a MASSIVE family and friend gathering with about 300+ people and loads of food and singing and just celebrating it took a lot of time and we decorated the whole house i flags, lights, stickers. It looked beautiful, sadly i didn’t take any pictures though i would have liked to. Then i went out with my friends to park, then to her house, watched a bit of tv at mine and talked to one of my best mates Reena on facebook. She lives in Wales and i live in England so like we don’t see each other. Hopefully in April we’ll see each other. But we talk all the time on the phone, text, msn, facebook whenever possible she was busy yesterday aswell loads she did but we kept each other updated all the way.

That’s all i wanted to say i know it’s a lot even though i’m not saying anything really. But i feel as though my connection to my posts is back, they feel real they don’t feel scripted and i’m happy. I hope this continues i’d love to be posting every day again, feeling excited when i log onto here feeling like i have an connection to everyone. I don’t think anyone reads this blog but you know what i don’t care. I’m doing this for me, so i don’t get depressed again. So i feel like i know myself. Maybe one day in the future i’ll look back on these posts and realise just how much i’ve changed. I know it sounds a little, or a lot deluded but i love the mystery of it all. Tomorrow, next year, 5 seconds from now it all excites me. Thanks for reading i’m going to get ready now and maybe go for a walk with the twins. I don’t want to lose them, i feel like i am they’re at school now, i’m busy i don’t feel like i’ve been spending enough time with them. I want to do something with them to make them feel close to me, like they can tell me everything and not be screaming at them to get out my room. So vroom vroom i’ll catch you later.

Nuff Love.
TheOriginalStaaя ♥


Posted: February 26, 2011 in Personal.

I think I just have to accept the fact that I am officially addicted to blogging. I think i need to learn to adapt to it and live with it. I think I’m going to be a blogger for the rest of my life. I feel the need to update the world about my life, i feel someone needs to know what’s going on with me.

What’s happening, what i’m doing, what i’m thinking. I don’t think i’m at peace until i write something down. It relieves me of stress. I’ve been blogging for a while now, on previous websites. I feel like I’ve taken to it really well, it’s become a enormous part of my life. Well not enormous right now, but still fairly big. It’s been over a year now and i’m still in love with the idea of having a public but personal blog. Something that’s public but not too public, yet personal not too personal.

However saying that I don’t have the time right now to blog. I have gigantic amounts of pressure from gcse, revision, school, home life, social life, friends, problems, growing up, family and everything else that i’m doing right now.  believe i’m really stressed right now that’s why when i don’t have the time i feel like blogging, but when i do i don’t know what to write down. Words onceuponatime came naturally to me, now i don’t feel that flow. Nothing comes to mind when i sit on my bed gazing at a blank internet screen. Instead of filling it with hundreds of words, i find myself adding and deleting to it, like a script. It doesn’t feel natural, i want that flow back. Maybe it’ll come back soon, you might be thinking why start a blog when you have writers blog. The answers simple. I want to feel inspired, want to learn something new. Something that will make my mind full of thoughts like it use to be, full of weird and wonderful things and not how well i did in a test. I’m a girl, a student, a teenager, a sister, a friend, a best friend, a blogger, a internet nerd, a facebooker. There’s so many things; however vain isn’t one of them.

As you may have guessed this is going to be a personal blog, about my life, my thoughts, what’s going on with me, my family. Everything based on my life, you can expect loads of emotion, drama, music, problems, homework and pictures. Be warned though, i like millions of other teenagers have a lot of mood swings from being the happiest girl on the planet i can turn really depressed in a matter of seconds. You may have different views and beliefs to me, you may think i’m deluded. All i can say to that is your opinion is yours i can’t change that. I can pretend to be someone i’m not but what good would that do. Stop a few haters? But what will that do for me nothing. I’d be living a lie, and i can’t do that. So think what you think, keep your opinions to yourself or your blog i don’t care what you think of me but try to get to know me first. Don’t judge me before you have a clue who i am. I think i’m doing quite well with this post, i like how i can make this as long as i like and it doesn’t look too long.

So here i go, wish me luck.

Nuff Love.
TheOriginalStaaя ♥